The importance of Learning English Language

Everybody knows the importance of the English language nowadays and why we are learning it. English language is an international language in the world. Most of the countries use English in their dealings with global companies and institutions. Also, people learn it to develop their culture and their knowledge. Learning English language has many positive effects such as connecting with foreign people and feeling confident.


As a result, everyone learns English language find it very easy to communicate with others and everybody will understand one another. For example, when I came to the U.S. I could understand and discuss many topics with many friends from different nationalities. Therefore, I didn’t face any problems because of my learning English. Another good effect, during communication with other people is also useful to learn their culture. Moreover, the more people you meet from different countries, the more different culture you will learn. For instance, since I met my friends in the U.S I learned about their culture and I found it very close to ours. Connecting with others has a huge effect on the development of people and their knowledge.The past years, when I was in the secondary school, I didn’t trust my English language and I was afraid if one of the student could laugh at me. Because my English was weak at that time. After I entered to intensive English course, I became more confident and trust my English language very well. I know I am not perfect in English but I have the confidence to share and speak with foreign people after learning it. I feel much more confident by speaking English language now.


Finally, learning English language is important. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s International language and everyone wants to learn it for many essential reasons. One of them, to develop their culture and knowledge. Also, the good benefit or positive effect that human obtains after learning Englishis becoming able to connect with others, we’re from different countries and also being confident and able to trust in their English while they speak. Last but not least, in my opinion and my life experience, I learned that English language it’s a language easy to study and to understand, if you start practicing it following it step by step without succumb, you can communicate people and feel confident easily. Dear reader, after you read my letter I wish you could evolve your English language as I did, to get best effects and results on your lifestyle.

Nuorah Shiashtar

Northridge, CA

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