No more Science works with political

From The National Union of Kuwaiti Student 31st Conference
USA Branch - SFO , CA

On Nov 26th, I was on date with what I love and hate in same time. I love science yet I hate Politics. I desired to leave my seat empty in the political event where they invited different members of Kuwait’s National Assembly. The event was terrible. They don’t want to confess why we are undeveloped. Their way to exit that no one guilty in this murder. They didn’t want to point out the ones in charge to proclaim justice, they made it clear that it’s a dead end.


Some rational people assessed that the victim in this catastrophe is knowledge which impacts negatively on our society. In addition, Mr. Ahmed Baqer, who served as Commerce & Industry minister, said that “By 2030, Kuwait government will face an increase in population causing lack of workforce & unemployment crisis. On the other hand, Kuwait government offers 10000 scholarships of a various majors worldwide annually which leads to the demand of providing future jobs for these majors. In conclusion, I don’t look for 15 years forward and our crisis because the real crisis is happening now. Will politics benefit senior students who will graduate next semester? I hope this question raises my concerns for a better future.



Salman Fahad Alotaibi

Philadelphia, PA

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