I Cried One Night

I cried one night to the sound of a melody, miming as background noise.

It was our song.

The song of our destiny, telling we'd be together once.

That once is enough for our love to fly like a dove.

Or so I thought...


Lights dim...

Then suddenly I'm home with my cardigan.

And all I hear is the rain drops dropping in.

I tell myself

Out of these four walls someone got something to sell.

Living life, not caring about what's in the well.


I'm sure I wasn't your first but you were mine.

I thought you might've feared me, 'cause seven eight nine.

No matter how old I get, you turn me back into a child.

Now I long for the days we got to play.


“Mother! Why do we have to leave?

Mother! Why won't they let us be?

Mother! Why are we covered in red?

Why can't we get safely in bed?”


You were there when I got flagged.

You were there when they tore me down.

You were there when I was tagged,

Branded as the lesser one.


I wouldn’t write this without your stitched smile,

Calming me down when I couldn't smile myself.

Pulled me out from under the shower,

When I was holding my breath, trying to get rid of myself.


So tell me Teddy,

Do I get to grieve or will I see you again? Should I ink this as joy?

Or is this a requiem?

Teddy it wasn't easy.

Ouds, harps and violins played.

But the joy has been stripped away.

I guess that's life you sing then sway.

عبدالله الرجيب

Portland, OR

© All copyright reserved to Nebras 2019

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