Accomplishments Have No Color

       African American men and women have work endlessly to secure their own freedom and equality. At time, and place these afford causes peaceful and political, but it had gone through violent and militant. In fact, they fought to get their rights equally. African American advanced freedom by the black empowerment during reconstruction, Jim Crow period, and the Civil Right Movements by political organizations, and launching boycotts, through force of arms, and protesting.                                                       



       African American advanced freedom by the black empowerment during the reconstruction period.  Black people were discriminated and were not allowed to attend the same school or church as whites. They were segregated from white people. In addition, they didn’t get their full rights such as white people. Moreover, in the declaration of independence (1776) Thomas Jefferson spoke of the natural rights of all men (life, liberty). After 11 years later the United States constitution was written to secure those blessing of liberty. Frederick Douglass worked with republican leaders to correct the errors by adding 3 momentous amendments to the constitution. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln elected as president of the U.S and he was against slaves, and he abolished slavery in 1863.Then a number of U.S amendments got ratified during the reconstruction period (1862-1877), first abolishment of slavery, the second counting all African Americans as citizens of the United States, and last giving black men 21 and above the right to vote which was a huge turning point for the African American community. Furthermore, after the civil war most of the newly freed black were unskilled and worked in farms or fields. Without money or property they were drift in a hostile environment. African American fought to be educated. They believed that the only way of liberty, equality, and true democracy is education for all. After the reconstruction acts, many blacks took advantage of their new freedom to gain an education and political power. In fact, after they were denied to enter white schools, so they worked hard to educate themselves. In 1854 near Philadelphia Pennsylvania Lincoln University open it's doors for blacks, and it was recognized as the first black university in the U.S. In the 21st century blacks are considered as an important part of the American life from medicine to business. Therefore, All of this happened because of the courage of many blacks in the mid-19 century.



Although, African American went into a long struggle before they were finally awarded equal right. By the end of the 19th centaury the south reversed it old way and entered the area of Jim Crow law. African American had a hard time during the Jim Crow law era. In 1865 after slavery were abolished in the U.S with 13th Amendment after the Civil War. African American thought that they will have their equal rights and will live free without being discriminated. While a lot of federal tribes moved out of the south in 1877. White people quickly found a way to not let the black’s to have the same equal rights as them. Then during 1890-1965 the Jim Crow law appeared and it was the legal segregation and disfranchisement of African American in the south. The law divided black from white people so that blacks would not unite against the white ruling class. In 1890 Jim Crow law were placed in Louisiana railroads, and had separate cars for blacks and white. By the time Plessy v. Ferguson case upholds segregation in 1896,and the supreme court of the united states applied the principle of separate but equal for black and white in southern states. Many Southern states applied this separate but equal mentality to all aspects of life. This led to the Jim Crow laws to appear which resulted in blacks being treated as second-class citizens. Jim Crow law made it illegal for black and white people to be in the same place. They could not share the same restaurant, schools, trains, and institutions, and more continued till the 1900’s.Then in 1919 where African American fight against attacks, and it was the rise of Marcus Garvey that created the organization (UNIA) that called for unity among black people. In fact, the start of black freedom movement started with leaders such as Ella Baker in 1936.



In the Civil Right movement, African American got their full rights, and advanced their freedom. After War World II the civil right movement began, and African American lived a better life. They believed in themselves and had the confidence to speak. In the 1950’s the civil right movement gained momentum. In fact, in 1955 Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus after a hard day's work, during that time it was not allowed because blacks’ can only sit in the back section of the bus. She refused to get up and to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled. The police arrested her and took her to jail. Therefore, blacks in the city stated boycotting buses. Martin Luther King, who became the leader of the civil right movement, led the boycott. Consequently, in 1955 Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists were arrested after leading a boycott of a Montgomery, Alabama, and standing against whites. Then, he organized Nonviolent protest (against the unequal and abused treatment of blacks) and mass demonstration to draw attention to racial discrimination and demand civil rights legislation to protect the rights of African-Americans. In fact, in 1963 the movement reached to its climax. Over a million people, blacks as well as whites took part in a protest demonstration in the March on Washington D.c. After he gave one of the most remarkable, and inspirational speech “ I have a dream”, and the protest that was marched in Washington. One year later the congress passed the civil right act. This law banned discrimination in school, public places, jobs, and many other fields. Therefore African American received the right to vote and in 1967 Thurgood Marshall became the first black to serve with the Supreme Court. However, Part of what made the civil rights movement very powerful and effective Is the fact that it included and untied people from all races, Dr. King was not only calling on equality and freedom for the African American community but all races in America and the world.


African Americans are taking part in an ongoing movement in fighting for their freedom and pushing for equality and to be treated no different than any other person from any other race. They accomplished a lot throughout history through creating political organization, force of arm, and protesting. They even had the first black president Barack Obama who was elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012 but the world still misrepresents African Americans in media and society. So until equality and justice takes lead, African Americans will be here fighting for their voices to be heard and making even more remarkable accomplishments regarding their freedom.

Fay Alnejadah

Greensboro, NC

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